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Are online Reiki classes as good as Reiki courses in-person?

Though some Reiki Masters feel that Reiki attunements must be passed down in person, many Masters offer classes online and from a distance.

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What to bring to your Reiki training course What to look for in a portable Reiki table Now you know we have an article on this very topic, right? Please read How to Find the Best Portable Reiki Table.

But we will give some quick pointers here when looking for a portable Reiki table: Earth Lite even has a ‘Plant a Tree Promise’ that they will plant a tree for every one wood massage table they make. What can we say, Earth Lite Reiki tables = good in our eyes.

Reiki attunements can happen very quickly, in about five minutes, or they can last for a half an hour. Unfortunately, we can’t really go into more detail about how the healing Reiki energy is transmitted. So take a Master Reiki training course when you feel ready why don’t you…

You may feel powerful sensations as your body opens up to the Universal Life Force energy, or you may feel nothing. What to expect from your Reiki training class attunement Now, there is no easy way to say this.

Again, I’ll be letting everyone know how to sign up for the video trainings through my Reiki newsletter, so yes, that’s the best way to stay “tuned in”. ; ) When you sign up for the Reiki newsletter, you also receive a free copy of the five Reiki principles handwritten in calligraphy to print out if you’d like. Usui realized the power of working with ‘ki’ (life force energy) and shaped his newfound knowledge into the beautiful spiritual healing practice we call Reiki. The ways to use what you learn in your Reiki training class or course are virtually endless.

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