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Jehosheba, Ahaziah’s sister, saw what was going on and rescued Ahaziah’s young son Joash, hiding him and his nurse at the temple.

Joash remained there for six years, finally emerging when it was time for him to be crowned as king.

Let your love to me culminate in this: that it is better for me to be out of the body and to be with the Lord. And He has given you much more of these things than you and I ever could expect or have deserved, and you have enough and to spare if His good pleasure be to let you enjoy the same. PRAY Pray for an ever-deepening love and understanding of what the Bible says so that it will become for you a second language.

Consider the fears you had concerning me every day, for the pains and weaknesses and dangers, now freed from sin and Satan and all enemies and doubts.

They were so dysfunctional that a grandmother began killing off her own grandchildren—her own descendants! Athaliah makes my overbearing grandmother look like a wimp. Joash’s aunt, Jehosheba, intervened to rescue the little boy and hide him till he was old enough to be king.

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