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Normal Peoples with high in Paid in Money.) Studio Stage Worker: Sound Engineer, Spotlighting Engineer (aka Lighting designer), Stage Designer, Studio Worker, & Other Back Stage Worker of Sound Studio or Production Studios.

Normal Peoples: Celebrities can't marry normal people with low paid money in their job.

Celebrities Marriage are when to stars "Actor's & Actress's" get together to be marry just like reg peoples.

Fan's: Celebrities Can't marry fan's as they are only Fan's...

(Reason Why: Celebrities can't marry someone that fan's can't see in public that don't have lots of appearance with the Stars & fansdon't really know them at all with no appearance.

and if they're feeling brave, they can even date the celebs themselves."Like the sound of that?

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It the thing that Celebrities have to marry their own kind just to be safe as to other Celebrities, Normal Business People with High Paid in Money, & Sports Athletes.

Normal people dating celebrities

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