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We are not sure what caused this, but after numerous messenger hawks, it seems that this has happened to every ninja village around the world.“What the heck, is she saying that I’m the only guy left on the planet?He turned back and found no one, but kept his guard up.

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Sakura looked like she had a few years in her face, but wiped them off, and then gave the gestures of someone who was reassuring someone else that they were fine.

Naruto could see her clutching a necklace around her neck, a necklace that he had given her a few days ago for their one year anniverstiy. The time went by as mother and son were reunited, Kushina did a jutsu on him that allowed her to see all of his memories in an instant in her head so that they could save some time.

Changing back to his regular appearance, Naruto began scouting the village trying to figure out what had happened, but to no luck.

"Attention all women of Konohagakure, the hokage has called an emergency meeting.

Everyone is to gather in front of the Hokage tower no later than in half an hour,” came a voice from the village’s announcement system.

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