Where have anonymous sex chat - Munin graphs not updating

by  |  01-Nov-2015 17:07

This example requires a shared nfs space for the munin data between the nodes.

Before going that road, you should make sure to check other options first, like changing the number of update threads, and having rrdcached.

The exim_mailstats graph initially work properly, and then stop workin, with no update on graph.

In the file, the following error can be found: The error cause is probably due to the plugin state is not reset or tracked properly.

Is it possible to change this interval to an arbitrary value? However, this won't change Munin's (or rather RRD's) granularity; all RRD files are constructed to create 5 minutes averages, and no matter how often you update the RRD files the output won't be (much) different.

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