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Someone broke into our hotel room while we were at dinner and stole my Galaxy S6. Like, big-time panicked, and I’ll spare you the exact details of what went down, but following the initial theft reporting I immediately called T-Mobile from my mom’s phone.

We laid on the beach, sipped on mineral water with lime (detox! On our third day, though, the trip took a very not cool turn.

An AT&T spokeswoman wasn't immediately available to comment on T-Mobile's new plan.

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If they don't want to switch, they can add the feature to their account for $10 a month.

Another requirement: T-Mobile customers have to spend more than half their time in the US to qualify for the free access.

A majority of international T-Mobile calling minutes -- 59 percent -- go to those two countries, according to a spokesman."It's a huge impact for our customers," Legere said.

For some T-Mobile customers, there are a few wrinkles.

The bad news is that whoever took my phone wasn’t dumb.

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