Married old couple dating old woman

by  |  25-Dec-2015 10:25

Julianne Moore, 41, has settled down with director Bart Freundlich, 32.

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When neighbors heard noises coming from the usually empty house, they called the police, who burst in -- flashlights drawn -- on Goldie and Kurt in an "intimate moment." Today, the two still hold hands and lock lips at parties and premieres with adolescent abandon (and they still live in that house).

Over the years, there has been tabloid speculation about a breakup.

In some cases, a younger man represents the chance for a woman to make better choices than she did earlier on, says Jane Greer, Ph. "Most women in their 30s or 40s have usually been with the so-called Mr.

Right," Greer says, "only to find out that he wasn't ultimately right for them.

"It challenges our basic, narrow perception of what a couple should be," notes Helen Fisher, Ph.

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