Manually updating norton antivirus

by  |  28-Jun-2015 07:49

Hi Pieter, Very nice to read about future functionalities.

The Norton Recovery tool will be more and more neededwhen the complexity of the operating systems and security softwares increases.

I am interested in getting the updates (antivirus/antispyware etc.) but after reading the guide, it seems like you have to put the updates on your pc BEFORE booting from the Recovery Disc.

If you have specific hardware configuration related USB key boot problems, or specific steps in the guide you are having trouble with, please post the details in the community forum, and myself, or a community member with a system similar to yours can provide assistance. Hi Dch48, sorry I wasn’t clear, the email with the download links I mentioned only applies to new purchases, i.e. The direct download links are provided on page 1 of the PDF guide.

In future versions of the product we want to provide functionality similar, but even friendlier, to the Win PE customization wizards found in the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8, and Norton Ghost 14 products.

Well the norton disc is a boot scanner of sorts and this has been their since the 2007 version but the prob is the updates i mean how do i make sure the scan happens with the current updates i have and not with the updates that came with the Disc Hi Pieter - For reference, I was unable to utilize the stock NRT cdrom because the virus definition update failed.

So what is the Norton Recovery Disc, and when would you ever need to use it?

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