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And yet pornographic content is increasingly available in Africa, mainly because of greater access to the Internet and to foreign channels that broadcast adult movies.A Growing Market That content is also increasingly sought after.

about a million units were sold per annum, but now with the onslaught of piracy, roughly 150,000 units of all titles are sold on average, and the numbers keep declining."Another brake is legislation.

Producing -- and sometimes even possessing -- pornographic material is illegal in several African countries.

"That is raising black empowerment because the porn films that you [commonly] see in South Africa are all white."Is Mapona a turning point in the pornographic career that she started three years ago for "personal reasons"?

One thing is for sure: The light-skinned actress, who met high-profile representatives of the adult industry at Sexpo, is determined to get somewhere in the X sector. Mbau has already tagged herself "super sexy cute South African porn star" on the Facebook fan page she opened at the end of 2010, and where she today has some 2,200 fans.

"You can find cases of rape; prostitution, which is much more visible; and pornographic-material production.

Malawian naked women

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