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by  |  17-Dec-2015 01:23

For example, the app encourages you to upload a “face” picture, a “body” picture, and “group” shots with friends.Unlike Grindr or Jack’d that allow 100% “body” shots or “headless torsos”, this app allows users to view more pieces of one’s life that aren’t inherently connected to sex.

Our new update is coming out soon on android and app store. Gay dating isn’t about scrolling through profiles that say “masc into masc”!

Mench’D doesn’t forget that sex is a huge part of our worlds and is necessary to sustain a relationship but we don’t put that at the center of our mission.

This up-and-coming app is unlike other popular gay dating apps because it focuses on establishing long-term relationships (LTRs) between gay men.

While the other apps out there largely are used for short-term dating and casual sex, the goal of Mench’D is to establish more long-term relationship connections among gay men and to minimize the “quickie” culture of other apps.

It’s sexy, simple, and we are growing constantly – a little over 800 users join monthly.

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