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Here you will be able to access our members POST, AND Live Streaming, Streaming, last 10 images for all the cams, streaming on your smart phones. If you just like storms our streaming is great to watch.SILVER MEMBERSHIP - .99 Streaming Cams Unlimited 12 Day Pass. See our Live Streaming Cams in many different formats, Cam Images, no restrictions. Buy for a onetime price, never be charged again, buy during swell periods. That's right, watch live New England Streaming Cams to the Second! Your membership includes but not limited to: HD Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA, Face Southeast.Our president's staff has been using Go To Meeting with good success.

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Yet the advertised capability is "up to 100 attendees". We pay more than 5000 $ per year for Goto XXXX services and the feature request for more webcams is older than 2 years. Could you please provide more informations why this is so ? Hi Michael, feeling a little bad advertising on a Go To Meeting forum but i Meet by PGi is a similar product to GTM, with a cleaner interface and allows for many more webcam feeds to be on at once. Is there a way to have say 25 people on a call all with video and toggle between groups so that multiple people can be on video at throughout the call?

I did follow two links on that advertisement, and upon clicking the "learn more" link, then "see faces" link, I do see that the 4th bullet says "six video feeds" is the limit. I too look forward for Go To Meeting have a higher capacity for webcam connections.

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Previously they used a teleconference, via 800 number. If we change the product we would take a self hosted solution. So if we take a other solution it would run on an own server in our own server farm.

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