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In one of my most memorable Harvard Business School moments, my fellow classmates and I asked the owner of a small, fabulously profitable manufacturing company why he didn't grow the business bigger and sell it for a gazillion dollars. "Remember, money in the wallet is no longer money in the business.If you're in a business that must invest to grow, taking out too much money can hurt you down the road.If you choose the right acquirer, your value can far exceed what would be reasonable based on your income. Look for strategic fit: Which acquirer can buy you to expand into a new market, or offer a new product to their existing customers?

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One favorite exit strategy of some forward-thinking business owners is simply to bleed the company dry on a daily basis.

I don't mean run it in the red--I mean pay yourself a huge salary, reward yourself with a gigantic bonus regardless of actual company performance, and issue a special class of shares that only you own that gives you ten times the dividends the other shareholders receive.

You can also sell your business to current employees or managers.

Often in this kind of sale, the seller finances the sale and lets the buyer pay it off over time.

But remember, the key to "family business" is the word "family." Is yours functional?

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