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Anyone who engages in sexual activity of any type with a partner under the applicable Age of Consent is breaking the law and can be charged with crimes ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony (statutory rape) depending on the jurisdiction in which they are prosecuted.

Rape in the second degree is a class D felony and carries a prison sentence up to 7 years.

If you are older than 18 years and the minor was less than 13 years old, that is considered rape in the first degree and is a class B felony, which has a prison sentence that can range from 10-25 years.

Being twenty-one years old or more, he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person less than seventeen years old; or 3. cl=82&a=29) updated as of (As of 3/1/2002) I was just curious if for future reference you would update your NY State Age of Consent Page to include information reguarding Sexual Misconduct. the reason I ask is because I missunderstood the law the way it was presented on this page.

He or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person without such person`s consent where such lack of consent is by reason of some factor other than incapacity to consent. I thought that as long as the female was over the age of 14 and the male was under 21 that a sexual relation between the two was legal.

THE EMAIL WE RECEIVED: Added March, 2002: New York State law has recently changed.

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