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I think the solution requires us to look at other social sites and adapt successful design elements from them.

For example, instead of a NEXT button, provide only radio buttons which, when one is pressed, assigns a positive or negative score to the user and moves on.

sorry ce1c bạn, dạo ne0y tớ bận que1, hứa với mấy bạn me0 chẳng cf3 thời gian (((((((((((.cf2n muốn forevermore cf3 trong bảng xếp hạng thec cf2n phải đợi de0i (((( mấy be0i trong xofnem cf2n le0 do những người ở đf3 chọn lựa nữa. Somehow you need to help people realize their preferences for other people.

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That, coupled with free entry, means that everyone’s payoff is driven to zero.

In practice the big problems with Chat Roulette are These are all screening mechanisms: you earn control over whom you match with.

If most people disconnect me quickly because I’m older, then Chat Roulette won’t expand its audience away from college students.

One way I can see the approach above not working is when the other side is projecting disturbing content and recording your reaction to it.

More simply, in addition to the NEXT button one might add a BARF button.

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