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Beneath the pimp-like image that he puts on stage, comedian Katt Williams is a family man, a loving father of eight children.Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Dayton, Katt Williams was raised in a socially and politically charged family.

He is as committed to his children as he is to his work but he doesnt joke when it comes to them.

Despite his fame and humanitarian actions, in November 2009, Williams was arrested while working on a film in Coweta County, Georgia.

In the summer of 2001, comedian Katt Williams was awarded Cedric the Entertainers Anheiser-Busch Best Los Angeles Comics Award and in October the same year, Katt went on his first theatrical audition at New Line Cinema for Friday After Next, and landed the role of Money Mike, which has contributed to a large portion of his fan base.

His stand-up comedy concerts and videos which brought him fame and worldwide recognition are Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play (2006), Pimp Chronicles Part 1 (2006), Its Pimpin Pimpin (2008), Katt Williams Presents: Katthouse (2009), Katt Williams Pimpadelic (2009), Katt Williams: 9 Lives (2010).

Internet Dating sketch from Will Rankin and James Pryor’s Sleepy Head.

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