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by  |  14-Jul-2016 13:22

I'm far from a minority in what I once did, first ‘for’ my husband but then start to enjoying doing it.

Suddenly I'm finding that I can’t stop it exciting me again, so much so that I am honestly tempted to “baby sit” a dog some time and do it again, at least the first licking part.

For perhaps ten years when single again I just blanked it all this out, I was practically sexless, I didn't even masturbate and hated thinking about my sordid past, if anything reminded me about it, I hated myself and tried to shut it away.. More and more when I feel sexy I am “re-living” my own true memories of sexual activity with dogs. The first husband was sexual naive, although I obviously didn’t know it then because I was too!

During masturbation I even fantasise about doing it all over again! Despite talk about the swinging seventies, my life was sexually boring as I remember, even after I was married aged 20.

I just can’t help it, for one I do know exactly what it feels like.

Yes sometimes it goes wrong and is quick or awkward but on other occasions, its incredibly sexy letting a dog lick, or mate you to climax, the dogs quite obviously loved it too, quite often they would try get on a second time.

It was the sheer thought of how debauched and “dirty” I’d been doing it with Kim, by guiding his penis inside me and pushing back at his frantic thrusts once he did. I always get excited remembering it back, how sexy it had felt with the dog swollen up hard inside, especially when I’d felt him start ejaculating in me.

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