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- Who knew how crucial friendship and rivalry have been in contributing to the formation of modern artistic genius?

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Second is a massive infestation of goat-sized rats in the Keys. All the other detectives on the squad have quit – because an asteroid is going to destroy the earth in just six months.

These premises plus a handful of rednecks and a few effete Californians provide the ingredients for a spicy read indeed. But Detective Hank Palace is determined to find the truth – as society crumbles around him.

-, Anu Partanen, a Finnish-born journalist who married an American, explores how many policies and ideals Americans believe make us more free actually do the opposite.

The Nordic theory of love states that authentic love and friendship are only possible between people who are independent and equal.

According to Partanen, this mentality dictates policies that support the freedom of individuals, such as equal access to health care and education.

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