Is taylor swift dating john mayer Skpe sex chat

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So here is the deal with Taylor, if you agree to be in a relationship with her, and it doesn’t‎ work out, she will write a song about you and the whole fiasco.

Her love life is an open book and is always under the scrutiny of the media.

When she was ten, a computer repair man showed her how to play three chords on a guitar, sparking her interest in learning the instrument.

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These two neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. Taylor and the late Glee star dated for a while in 2010.

Both denied the dating rumors but were often seen getting all cozy and snugly.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t get a chance to thrive, thanks to the long distance between them.

Just for the record Taylor was head over heels for Eddie, who knows where things could have ended up?

We get the reason, they were a hot couple, and obviously everyone just wanted to know how long this relationship would last.

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