Is taylor swift dating conor kennedy and harry styles blithe spirit dating

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Prior to dating Calvin Harris, Taylor was involved with Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, and musician John Mayer, who is said to have inspired the ballad “Dear John.” The song sees Taylor lamenting John’s changeability, as the songstress gasps that she was always “wondering which version of you I might get on the phone tonight.” Mayer later shot back with his own unflattering ballad, “Paper Doll,” from the country-inflected album.

Mayer croons that his paper doll lover is the changeable one, singing “you’re like twenty-two girls in one,” in the wistful chorus.

Taylor is famous for writing songs about her breakups and was known for a long time as a serial dater.

His one month relationship with Swift last year was likely just for kicks.

And there’s no need to imagine this iron-clad ally as one-half of a same-sex relationship, there are plenty of racy photos that’ll paint a pretty awesome picture for you.

The offers a hilarious series of pictures from this weekend's zoo visit.

In them, the couple munch nuts, stare intently at a seal they know, and even play with a baby that has just been dropped off by a stork.

And finally, most importantly, Swift’s most recent sighting with rumored (but definitely “not“) gay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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