Intimidating edgy personality

by  |  10-Nov-2016 17:56

She harbours a lurking suspicion that her diabolical game plan – of playing the victimhood card and gaining a national profile to keep Central prosecuting agencies away – may not just work. She also opposed the continuing I-T and ED raids all over the country, and demanded that only the Bengal and Kolkata Police be requisitioned by the I-T Department for conducting searches in Bengal.

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She knows that the long investigations by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the chit fund scams emanating from West Bengal have unearthed a lot of material against her party and her close aides.

She knows that the Enforcement Directorate, Economic Offences Wing, Income Tax Department and other Central government agencies have also gathered a lot of foolproof and incriminating information against her family members and party men.

Most of her party members are involved in extortions and her party colleagues have the unsavoury reputation of being extremely corrupt.

Banerjee may have many failings, but one quality she possesses in ample measure is the survival instinct.

She knows that once her corrupt aides and family members are netted, she will suffer a body blow that she would find impossible to recover from.

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