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List of Illustrations Introduction: The Black Revolution on Campus 1.“Moving toward Blackness”: The Rise of Black Power on Campus 2.

Reading the book reminds us of the forgotten stories and remarkable individuals who forged the organizations that moved history along.

It makes us recognize how much the good side of the contemporary American academy is indebted to the courage and commitment of the people who put themselves on the line to bring justice into institutions that are often smug about their values and their own history. Biondi's book is a reminder of those tasks that remain.”—Vijay Prashad, author of Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today Chapter 1 "Moving toward Blackness" The Rise of Black Power on Campus The explosion of Black student activism in 1968 took many observers by surprise.

They wanted both upward mobility and an affirmation of African American culture and history, inclusion as well as social justice.

The students wanted to expand Black access to higher education and make white colleges more responsive to the needs of a diverse student body, but their confrontational tactics and rhetoric dominated news coverage and shaped popular reception and understanding of their struggles.

It suggests the enduring salience, and at times bitter consequences, of black struggles for inclusion, representation, and autonomy on college campuses and within university curricula.

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