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We will continue to play the artists that made us famous for years as well as adding the best music of the 70s to create an upbeat blend of music’s finest decades.” Round Four of December PPMs Released.The fourth and final round of December 2016 PPM ratings information from Nielsen Audio has been released for 12 markets including: Austin, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Providence, Raleigh, Norfolk, Nashville, Greensboro, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Hartford.In addition to his programming and on-air work at KZMG, he also does an air shift at sister hip hop KWYD.

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The station “Bob” replaced at #1 in November – University of Texas at Austin-owned KUT – plummets by -1.6 (9.0 – 7.4, 6 ) but carries on in the runner-up slot that it occupied the previous five ratings periods before advancing to #1 in October.

Significant month-to-month swings are not unusual as well for KUT, which was 1.2 in December 2015; -.1.0 in April; .7 in July; 1.3 in August; -.9 in September; and 1.3 in October.

If 2016 wasn't tumultuous enough for you - the world's largest storage company sold itself to Dell - you ain't seen nothin' yet.

The pace of change in the storage industry is accelerating - and that's good for us.

Anderson has served as SVP and EVP of programming for i Heart Media during his time with the company.

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