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Indeed, the online dating site that is at the root of Julian Assange’s current alleged legal issues and part of the real reason Assange reportedly lost his internet access strives for gender equality and was formerly even a member of the UN Global Compact program.

Todd and Clare is so dedicated to women’s safety, in fact, that the site incorporated something called the KATIA project into their platform.

In a nutshell, KATIA is “a safety tool for women planning to go on a date with someone online,” and according to Julian Assange, the dating site contacted him and contracted him to work on the KATIA project.

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I am sure that many people who receive emails every day from twenty curious and beautiful ladies.

Most shy people opt for online dating to help improve their confidence level.

In addition to the clear racial problem, this investigation is particularly sensitive…The family feel that powerful interests at the UN are shielding Julian Assange and that he is being put before the welfare of their 8 year old daughter.”Message from Julian Assange directed to TRUMP SUPPORTERS on Twitter and Social Media. However, it is the first time that the sexual assault allegations levied against Julian Assange have involved a child.

In fact, the reason that Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy is due to an outstanding arrest warrant out of Sweden for the alleged sexual assault and rape of two women in 2010.

Julian Assange has publicly maintained a fear that if the U. extradites him to Sweden to face the music for the rape and sexual assault charges, Sweden will extradite him to the U.

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