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The article explains that the one thing separating "the men from the boys is how you handle rejection -- and how quickly you can turn things around." In his author bio, Savoy writes that he's "famous for helping men meet and attract high-quality women through targeted self-improvement, flirting skills and female psychology." (Female psychology? )Instead of coaching dudes to simply accept rejection like respectful human beings, Savoy tells men to ignore women's wishes and "plow ahead anyway." Basically: When she says "no" pretend you heard "yes."How will Donald Trump’s first 100 days impact YOU?

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There will be plenty of times in the early days of a business when you'll ask for something you want, and the answer will be no.

For most people, that no is the end of the conversation.

In that case, the young lady asked for an outrageous donation amount, and then moderated her request to purchasing some cookies. Framing is one – the second request seems small, or even inconsequential, in scale compared to the first one.

The main effect may be “concession reciprocity” – when the first request is moderated to a much smaller request, there’s a social expectation that the second party will give a little, too.

Can an initial rejection actually help you get the “yes” you really want?

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