How to report online dating fraud

by  |  29-Apr-2015 10:10

Yet the crimes that are committed through the use of online dating sites aren’t limited to monetary theft.

Some con artists use personal information to steal identities, while more ruthless criminals have lured men and women into isolated environments to assault them or worse.

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This information can be altered, however, allowing an individual with fake credentials to come through as verified.

In 2011, online dating scams cost victims more than $50 million in the United States alone, according to The Huffington Post.

Millions of men and women turn to online dating to find love, meet their perfect matches, or just increase the pool of choices for prospective dates.

While there are a number of safeguards that a majority of the more legitimate dating sites have in place to protect their members, there are still risks associated with Internet dating.

Most national governments have an agency or a number of agencies that take on the task of controlling and stopping fraud.

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