How many college students use dating sites Adult china webcam

by  |  03-Jan-2015 21:34

Tinder has basically replaced the middle man that used to exist a few years ago.

They insist it’s unsafe, slutty, only for tools, etc. Okay, so virtually every young person has heard of Tinder but there’s good reason for it’s insane popularity (the app currently has upwards of 50 million users.) Tinder is a dating and hookup app that has the ultimate goal of setting you up with local hotties.

Well, now there are just as many apps designated not only to people wanting a hookup, but people who want something more too. It allows you to view their picture and a little blurb.

Yes, I said both hookup AND dating because DOWN isn’t just for one­night­stands.

You have three options when you see someone’s picture: Get down (hookup), get date (you could potentially want something more), or simply none of the above.

You can decide from there if you think they’re “hot” or “not”.

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