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If you’re stuck for ideas, you could always ask for her recommendations on a place.At least then it looks like you care about what she thinks.

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Don’t just pick Aladdin’s Palace because it’s the first result that comes up in Google, especially if it’s only got one star out of five in over a hundred reviews. Do you really think she’s going to be happy with some dirty greasy spoon on your first date? Most big city’s in the UK have a cathedral or a castle in which you can browse and wander. You’ll be amazed at how great the local tourist attractions really are, and you could have lunch, go for a few drinks, or spend the rest of the day however you like. Plus, who knows what a bit of fresh air could do for you both!

What kind of impression do you think your GILF will have of you? You can watch at movie at yours or hers, but you can’t go to the cinema. You’ll just sit there for a couple of hours in silence, surrounded by other people all sitting there in silence. Rather than take her to a movie, take her to a different kind of date. 😉5 – The Drinks Approach If you’d rather have a couple of drinks to loosen up your tongue, and get a chance to really real around your new hot granny, try not to pick a place that will be to crowded.

A 28-year old girl, for example, wouldn’t generally go for a guy 7 years her junior.

These days, on the other hand, as a woman gets older and above a certain age, younger guys are, all of a sudden, much more desirable, opening a brand new dating door you may not have even considered before.

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with just going in for what you want!

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