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Let's see where they are about a decade later.modeling at 14 after being discovered at a hair salon, and was a very early adopter when it came to the blogging scene. At The Disco first debuted back in 2006, although they broke up due to her allegedly cheating on him.

It was while they were dating that she first dyed her hair the bright pink shade that she is forever associated with.

It's like she's the prettiest princess at the baaaaall. certain situations in life are much like drugs, they are bad for you, causing pain and taking over your life spiritual sense... She works incredibly hard as a model, is definitely not someone I’d consider a groupie (unless dating three dudes in the past like, four years is equal to groupie status) and despite her incredibly fucked up world view, she’s still someone I have high hopes for. it's great, and i'm so stoked to be meeting all the sweet people that work there. being heartless and using your "friends" as steps to get further in life is going to come back and bite you in the ass. After Ryan and I broke up (what was this, like two years ago? I could ramble on and on about how I think she's this amazing, strong person with goals and intelligence and just, everything, but.

I FIND IT HARD TO COMMENT ON THESE PICTURES BECAUSE ALL I WANT TO SAY IS "OH BABY" AND HUG HER HARD. all im doing is setting myself up for more of a let down. you have to put yourself in a situation you know you will be hurt in your mind and soul. i started interning at the radio station KROQ here in LA. its funny how meeting such legit people made me realize how others have completely used me for who i know. JAC VANEK IS BASICALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIPPIE IN ALL THE WORLD.

At some point she dyes her hair the famous pink that everyone knows and loves. She dated Escape the Fate’s Ronnie Radke for like, six months to a year between summer 2006 and summer 2007. But I know that I love these girls completely, no matter what they do or how stupid they are.

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