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event is raised when the Cancel button of a row in edit mode is clicked, but before the row exits edit mode.This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as stopping the cancel operation if it would put the row in an undesired state, whenever this event occurs.

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Add(cf); int col Count = 1; foreach (Data Column c in data Table.

Row editing and Row canceling editing working fine; but when I press update after changing the value in textbox, it show the old value not that value that I have change. Are you trying to save your old values and then continue with the updating of the Grid View with the new values? with reference to the image on the top that I have shared, as I press edit, it enable the complete row to modify the contents, and also shows two buttons update and cancel as second row in the above image.

(1) I need to press command buttons twice to Edit/Update.

BO; namespace Grid View___Test But 2 problems are happening. UPDATE: My solution was like this: namespace Grid View___Test { public partial class _Default : System.

Row Updating event, doesn’t work as all samples say it should do.

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