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1931 – Japan invades Manchuria and renames it Manchukuo (until 1945). 1935 – Persia becomes Iran (on US made Globes, German Globes continued calling in Persia for a few more years).

1939 – Bohemia (currently Czech Republic) occupied by Germany; Slovakia independent. 1940 – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are annexed by Soviet Union. 1944 – Lebanon independent from Syria, Tannu-Tuva annexed by USSR. 1948 – Israel created (before 1948, maps say “Palestine”); Republic of Ireland independent.

The three globes shown here were produced by James Wilson, America's first commercial globe maker.

1890 – Indian Territory established in Eastern Oklahoma. 1912 – Albania independent, Arizona and New Mexico become part of the United States.

1898 – Cuba, Phillipines and Puerto Rico become protectorates of the U. 1907 – Indian Territory no longer visible in Eastern Oklahoma . 1908 – Bulgaria becomes independent kingdom; Congo Free State becomes Belgian Congo. 1911 – Rhodesia divided into North and South, Morocco becomes a French colony.

When you find an "Old" political name on the globe instead of a "New" political name, you have confirmed the approximate age of your globe.

(Be aware that some political changes have taken place more than once, so any change must take into consideration all other political conditions present on the globe.) This detail rich National Geographic 10 ½” Earth Globe is the perfect reference tool, especially when combined with the always informative National Geographic Magazine.

Sakhalin Island divided between Japan and Russia (Asia).

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