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by  |  24-Nov-2016 19:01

You’d think that we’d be breaking all kinds of heat records in “the hottest year ever” 4.

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Taking my supervisor's advice, I reported them to Maryland Attorney General and was surprised to hear I was not the first person scam by Plaza Resort. That dimmed all my hopes of ever getting my money back and I didn't.

As the old saying goes, you learn from your mistakes.

Come on lets get rid of this blemish to the beautiful state of Florida That reminds me of the calls I got from 239-645-4240 before.

It was automated, saying I got picked to get a free cruise along with 4 others.

Thought I was paying for a trip to Orlando Florida to take my son to see Mickey Mouse and when I got ready to go, all hell broke loose. When I got ready to go on the trip, I contact these Plaza Resort people and was told the money I paid was simply a deposit and I had to pay nearly $800 more for the rest of the trip. All the while letting me believe my trip was paid in full.

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