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When he showed signs that the bullying was bothering him, his parents approached him for a talk.

His mom, Heather Creech, remembers him immediately breaking down into tears. “That was such a huge turning point for Cass,” she says.

You’ll also learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to handle more complicated dating situations, like friends with benefits, dating someone older,and what to do if your parents disapprove of the person you’re dating for other reasons, like racism or discrimination.

Cassidy Creech was only 13 when he considered suicide. In the back of his mind were his parents and how hurt they would be if he followed through. “I came really close, but I just couldn’t go through with it,” says Cassidy, now 17. One time, students filmed him on their phones like he was the star attraction at the local zoo. Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts, according to a study released in Pediatrics in 2008.

“When they don’t, their human dignity and their human worth are comprised. The stress can cause their immune system to be comprised. “But many of them are hopeful and committed to changing this situation.” “I was so sick of it,” says Novi High School student Erin Cooper about the group of guys who harassed her for being a lesbian.

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