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This means that beyond reading a basic web page, plug-ins let you watch movies and animation, hear sound and music, read special Adobe documents, play online games, do 3-D interaction, and use your web browser like a type of interactive software package.

In truth, it is crucial to install plug-ins if you want to participate in modern online culture. Although new plug-in software is released every week, there are 12 key plug-ins and add-on software that will serve you 99% of the time: For example, on a daily basis, Flash Player is perhaps the most popular plug-in.

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SSAX works by calling a simple script that resides on your own server and calls your own database when a user signs-in to Addon Chat.

Your server then decides whether or not the calling user is permitted access and to which privilege level that user is assigned.

Your visitors can thus discuss through public and private chat rooms.

Ans: While a plain web browser allows you to view static HTML pages, 'plug-ins' are optional software additions that enhance and/or add functionality to a web browser.

The “hard way” of finding the plug-ins is to manually search for them via the search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. You will then be given directions on what to do to complete the installation.

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