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As Mike and Walt argue back and forth about how creating a bomb to destroy the laptop would never work, they hardly hear Jesse's suggestion to maybe just use a giant magnet.When they finally get off each other's throats to listen, they're both stunned into surprised silence by Jesse's magnet idea, which might just work.

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Mike still not convinced, argues why he should take it on faith or be so certain that it worked.

Walt, sitting smugly in the backseat, cockily responds, it worked "because I say so." To which Mike responds with just a long icy state into the rearview mirror back at Walt.

After some arrangements they do a prelim' test out in the yard and as their juiced-up magnet utterly wipes their test laptop, Saul Goodman visits Skyler at the Car Wash to inform her that Ted Beneke had an accident.

She fears, thinking Saul's announcing his death, but he calms her down insisting that Ted is still alive. She visits Ted at the hospital where he is in a spinal neck brace being treated for severe head trauma.

In desperation, Walt cranks the magnet up to its maximum voltage, sending a force so strong it tips the truck over.

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