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The point of the first date should be to determine if you have a connection with somebody (not fall in love right there).

1) IF YOU HAVEN’T MET THIS PERSON IN REAL LIFE YET: My recommendation is to start with coffee, a drink, or something light hearted like meeting at a park. There’s nothing worse than learning within 5 minutes of meeting somebody that you’re not a good fit, only to have to sit through a three hour dinner or sit in awkward silence next to them at the movies. If it’s going well, there’s an attraction and conversation is coming easily, you can order another.

A museum, rock climbing gym, a stroll in the park, or something a bit quirky that you know you both enjoy. ): If they makes up an excuse and don’t suggest an alternative plan, ask yourself “If I was Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson, how would they respond?

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