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Because of your site, many new and younger fans are discovering what we have know for many years.Great music is timeless.” House Of Shakira: “We are very pleased to participate on this 10th anniversary compilation – God, has ten years already passed!!!

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We just wanna play.” Melodic Still Rocks – The Best Of Melodic 1997 – 2007 Fergie Frederiksen: “In the world today there is a place where balance of Melodic Rock is a constant. You have supplied a consistent informational and entertainment tool for all of us who love this music. I and many others wish you the best in the years to come and can”t imagine a world without!

Great job Mate and we all love you for it.” James Christian (House Of Lords): “Happy 10th anniversary to Melodic Rock Thanks for keeping this wonderful genre of music alive and on the web.

Released by Lion Music once again, cover artwork by Felipe Machado, and the special collaboration of Danny Vaughn (Tyketto).

As a part of “Changes” promotion, Airless toured with Jeff Scott Soto opening shows on his Spanish Tour. First – there is the brand new 10 track studio album which will build on what the debut album offered back in 2008.

Thanks to Andrew of MMR, there was no rush on this album, instead an exchange of ideas and suggestions such as the opening intro (I was never a big fan of intros) but the one on the CD is exactly what was missing.

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