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Voters identifying as independents wishing to vote in the Democratic primary had to change their registration to Democrat by October of 2015 — the earliest registration deadline in the country.

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Schumer himself wrote an op-ed in the New York Times calling for primary reform in 2014. She covers the 2016 election and social movements for US Uncut.

“If the primary were open, this would be a non-issue for thousands of registered voters that have had this happen to them,” said Shyla Nelson, spokeswoman for Election Justice U.

New York voters angry about the mysterious change in their party affiliation have taken to a Facebook group titled “Voters whose registration was changed without their knowledge in NY” to share their horror stories.

Shelly Berry discovered that someone had changed her voter registration in 2012, even forging her signature on the document: Today I went to the board of elections to find out why my voter registration was switched from democrat to unaffiliated without my knowledge or consent.

The one from 2012 is a FRAUDULENT form which is NOT in my handwriting and has a forged, completely wrong looking signature on it.

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