datingva com - Error updating the administration application pool credentials stsadm

by  |  12-Aug-2016 02:38

The specific error is as follows: Make sure that you do not use the same account for both the super user and super reader.(And of course make sure you change the URL and account names to match your environment).

Most of this information is available elsewhere but alas in a disparate and confusing manner.

The idea of this article is to consolidate these SPCA related tips into one reference guide and offer some additional explanation which you may find useful (and that I can point people to when being cornered! I assume you are all familiar with SPCA and therefore I won’t spend time babble speaking about what it is for and so on.

So an account that is configured as a Managed Service Account and set to have its password changed automatically could also be used in certain places that don’t understand the managed account concept.

When the managed account password is changed the feature that uses that account and only knows the username and password (so it does not use the managed account details) will effectively be broken.

For more information about these settings see the following Tech Net article: are some services, specifically the Visio Services Service Application, the Excel Services Service Application, and the Performance Point Service Application, that allow us to set an account that we can use for access data sources behind the scenes. To set these accounts we must create a new target application in the Secure Store Service Application and associate the target application’s ID with the appropriate Service Application.

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