Eminem dating 2016

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He identified, as we all do at that age I guess, with the nihilistic rage of early nineties rap, he cites N. He joined various rap groups in the early nineties, there’s that N. He was arrested for the first time at twenty for participating in a drive by shooting, with a paintball gun.The case was thrown out when the victim didn’t show up to court.In the September after the release of the album his mother sued him for slander.

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He had no close friends and was bullied almost constantly, once being severely hurt by a boy name De’Angelo Bailey.

He would later name him in the song “Brain Damage” off the “Slim Shady LP”.

Coming from humble beginnings the Detroit-based rapper Marshall Mathers, better known by the stage name Eminem, has had to fight all kinds of prejudice for the accolades he’s received.

His first album, while praised for its lyrical content, was a commercial and critical failure.

He signed on to FGT Productions to record his début album, “Infinite”.

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