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Major topics covered by the course,include: Learning,social perception,motivation,personality,stress,the individual the group and the interaction between them,research methods of the behavioral sciences. Engineering principles,functional role,maintenance,operation issues and costs. Facilities: water electrical,ventilation,air conditioning,cooling etc. hide this course 729 65510 HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY AND NUTRITION A general overview of nutrition,the physiology of the digestive system the blood,the heart,the lungs and the kidneys and their involvement in human nutrition,the nutrients (carbohydrates,proteins,lipids,vitamins,minerals,water,alcohol) balance,human requirements for nutrients,food composition,tables,the major food groups,eating behavior,nutritional assessment,nutrition during the cycle of life,control body weight,dealing with popular nutrition,the adaptation of nutrition to common disease states. hide this course 717 71055 CALCULUS B Exponential and logarithmic functions. Methods for counting microorganisms,microorganisms in water,air and soil. hide this course 710 71061 FUNDAMENTAL PLANT BIOLOGY Introduction to the plant cell. Interspecies relationships in micro-organisms (antibiosis,parasitism,bacteriocins); bacteriophages. hide this course none 71222 EFFECTIVE LECTURING AIDED BY DEMONSTRATION Implementation of lecturing skills.

hide this course 729 65504 HOTEL ORGANIZATION DEPATEMENTAL STRUCTURE The history of hotel industry. The course includes exercises in "nutrient analysis of the daily food intake" and "meal planning guided by nutrition principles". Videotaping students(quot) performances for peers and instructor's evaluation.

Haim Greber-Palestinians-The Rise of a Nation The course will discuss the history of the Palestinians people from the 19th.-Century to the present days. F The Course will examine the continuity and variety of the Hebrew defense forces,overlooking the relationship between the Yeshuv; its political leadership and the military organizations. Methods of informal assessment of concept formation. hide this course 712 65127 FOOD PREPARATION Familiarization with a wide variety of foods,their nutritional values,and their uses in menus. hide this course 717 71124 ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS Analyses of economic methods and models in the fields of environmental management, monitoring and enforcement, mandatory versus voluntary policies, methods for evaluation of externalities based on revealed and stated preferences, environmental impacts on land use and agriculture, ecological services and biodiversity, spatial issues in environmental economics. Metabolic and reproduction disorders and possible causes. Types of synaptic connections and significance of en passage bouttons. Life cycle, population dynamics and means for Orobanche spp., Striga spp. Modeling and developing decision support system for Orobanche control. Nervosa: Criteria,epidemiology,course,prognosis,risk factors,theories,psychiatric co-morbidity,psychological features. hide this course 715 71173 BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY OF POLLINATION Pollination is of great economic importance for agricultural crops and plays a major role in structuring ecological systems.

The course'-s prime objective is to allow tourism students with practical tools as well as introductory knowledge of tourism law. Engineering systems: Energy,water,steam,electricity,gas,refrigeration,waste,drinks,types,systems,innovations in the kitchen,tours of equipment in showrooms and hotels. Anatomical and morphological aspects of plant tissues and organs: the root,the stem and the leaf. The potential uses of the computer in the on-farm teaching in agricultural secondary schools.

hide this course 729 65502 YIELD MANAGEMENT New techniques in hotel and restaurant pricing policies; (Yield management and Revenue Management) including pricing theory as applied to the service industry. hide this course 729 65506 HOTEL SERVICE QUALITY --- hide this course 729 65507 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Motivation improvement,organization culture,helping cooperation and conflict,influence,power and politics,leadership,communication in organization,decision making in organization,organization structure and design. hide this course 715 71056 GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY The groups on microorganisms,history and development of microbiology,structure of the procaryotic cell,nutrition and metabolism,environmental factors that affect bacterial growth. Photosynthesis and respiration, The movement of water and solutes. Fungi,algae and seed plants hide this course 710 71062 FUNDAMENTAL PLANT BIOLOGY Introduction to the plant cell. hide this course 791,792,793,794 71218 LABORATORY FOR CHROMATOGRAPHY OF MICRO AND MACROMOLECULES Practice of protein electrophoresis - SDS-PAGE,practice of western blot,separation of macromolecules by gel filtration, TLC or Alumina columns,study and exercising of principles in choice of methods,columns and detectors for the separation with HPLC,analysis and quantity determination of natural products and micro-molecules,virtual separation and data analysis.

Two-day Guided visits to several hospital departments. Acquiring competence in Nutritional assessment methodology and techniques. hide this course 791,792,793,794 71209 IMMUNOLOGY LABORATORY Preparation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

hide this course 712 65302 THE SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT OF FOOD AND EATING HABITS The course focuses on the social and cultural processes that enable the institutionalization of national and ethnic cuisines. Infancy: Growth and development,early attachment and emotional development. hide this course 712 65312 DEVELOPMENTAL PSHYCHOLOGY B General principles of human growth and development from adolescence to old age. Practice in dietary adaptations based on case studies discussing the following conditions: hypermetabolism,stress trauma,burns,neoplastic diseases,gastrointestinal tract. hide this course 712 65322 DIETETICS B The nutritional requirements and dietary adaptation,through out the life cycle,resulting from: disorders of energy balance and overweight,diabetes mellitus,hypoglycemia, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension,dyslipidemias,coronary diseases),diseases of the urinary system (nephritic syndrome,chronic renal failure, chronic Dialysis). Purification of antibodies from serum and tissue culture supernatants by affinity chromatography,and determination of purity by gel electrophoresis. hide this course 791,792,793,794 71211 CHROMATOGRAPHY OF MICRO AND MACROMOLECULES Principles of chromatography,chromatography of macromolecules: absorption,reverse-phase,ion exchange,gel filtration,affinity.

As tourism offers a dynamic and trendy work environment,it requires a high level of update. Becoming acquainted with and active participation in computer-assisted teaching-activities,and their adaptation to the curriculum,the teaching-objective and the level of different target-populations.

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