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The extensible SDK provides a cross-development toolchain and libraries tailored to the contents of a specific image.You would use the Extensible SDK if you want a toolchain experience supplemented with the powerful set of commands tailored for the Yocto Project environment.Additionally, the manual also provides information on how to use the popular Prior to the 2.0 Release of the Yocto Project, application development was primarily accomplished through the use of the Application Development Toolkit (ADT) and the availability of stand-alone cross-development toolchains and other tools.

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A developer can independently compile and test an object on their machine and then, when the object is ready for integration into an image, they can simply make it available to the machine that has the Yocto Project.

Once the object is available, the image can be rebuilt using the Yocto Project to produce the modified image.

An SDK can even be used by a QA Engineer or Release Engineer.

The fundamental concept is that the machine that has the SDK installed does not have to be associated with the machine that has the Yocto Project installed.

Following is a table that summarizes the primary differences between the standard and extensible SDK types when considering which to build: .

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