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Our uncontrolled lusts, unleavened by restraint or morality, or uncontrolled impulses like anger or greed or selfishness are all part of our shadow-selves.

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dating on the down low - Dominant women dating transexuals

If we can’t pretend that sex is strictly about reproduction, then we have to at least pretend that the only “legitimate” forms of sex are tame; “vanilla” sex is the most we can tolerate.

Anything diverging from the missionary position – especially in the context of a monogamous relationship – is perverse and to be repressed at all costs.

Does the woman who gets off to watching simulated date rape have a mental illness that needs to be treated?

Is the man who watches Belle Knox choking during fellatio to the point of tears on Facial waiting for his opportunity to use and abuse an unsuspecting co-ed? Age play, extreme dominance and humiliation like pony-play, torture or even eroticized cannibalism? Are you simply lying to yourself about who you really are?

And in the minds of many, there is no place where we are more honest, the most truly ourselves than when we have our hands down our pants. Are they watching women getting “raped” or “degraded”? They are literally in these fantasies – bringing them from the privacy of mental space into meat space – does it mean that their non-sexual life is a lie?

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