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The statements show how much debt you have on the program and how much you pay monthly, so you will know how soon the bills will be paid in full.There are agencies with varying areas of expertise out there, so it is important to find the one that is right for your situation.If you are a good candidate, he or she will recommend a debt management program to repay your credit balances.

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In a debt management program, you pay the credit counseling services agency an agreed-upon monthly amount, and they disburse those funds to your creditors.

As a nonprofit organization, Clearpoint offers debt management services for a modest fee that is included in your monthly amount.

Rather than just trading one debt for another, debt management with one of these agencies will allow you to restructure your existing unsecured debts so you can pay them off more quickly.

Here are the types of debt we can roll into one payment for you: Our credit counselors at Clearpoint work hard, not just to get you lower interest rates with creditors but, most importantly, to educate consumers on taking control of their finances, helping them change old habits and conquer debt once and for all.

And, some forms of consolidation are extremely risky.

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