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After developing some of Uptown’s most popular acts like Mary J.

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While Kristen hails from Connecticut, Josh is a native of the righteous state of California.

There’s something so spectacular about seeing Howard University’s “Yard,” fecund and green, immediately slipping off the grey’s of winter to reveal the focal point of Washington D. academics, Founders Library, as it sits atop a hill, vibrant in historic brown hue. Urbanized verbiage aside, it literally bursts open to confess all that winter blankets hid– Greeks who previously stalked the night shrouded in hoodies get to finally stroll across the yard, bolded letters printed in crimson, pink, golds, purple and blue.

If we’re to be fair, accountability is certainly important when discussing successful careers, especially when deciding if one will subscribe to the French slogan of “art for art’s sake,” and dismiss any didactic needs whatsoever.

And honestly, black cultures relationship with hip-hop is storied with love, hate, and feelings of loss after universities took to popularizing the art in courses, most times without appropriate authority and without addressing the problematic irony of teaching hip-hop to an audience largely absent of black people. Frankly, we’re all not here for hip-hop’s degrading bravado.

His musical success flourished as the years followed.

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