happy anniversary dating quotes - Devexpress rowupdating example

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And if viewstate is on, you need to call Data Bind on the first Page_Load. The Data Source property isn't preserved in viewstate because it would be huge, so each time a postback is made on the Grid View's behalf and the Grid View needs to reflect a new state (such as a row in edit mode, a new page, or a new sort field), you need to set the edit index on the control, or set the new current page index, or sort your data, then set the Data Source property, then call Data Bind.

Protected Sub gv Search_Row Editing(By Val sender As System. If you turn off viewstate, you need to call Data Bind on every Page_Load. The reason that the Grid View and Data Grid don't call Data Bind for you on events is that the Data Source property isn't set until you set it.

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silly me for expecting the actual row i clicked to be active.

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