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After the rise of South Africa, which remains the real drive behind the African economy until today, Ethiopia and Nigeria represent the new centres of growth, boosting the entire continent in the coming years.

Deployed soldiers dating qatar

With a population due to reach 170 million in 2050 and a high urbanisation rate, the potential for growth is substantial and macro-economic indicators will have to follow the positive evolution that started about 15 years ago.

Similarly, the stabilisation of the democratic process, symbolised by the smooth transition after Prime Minister Mallas Zenawi's death in the summer of 2012 (he was the strong man of the country for over 20 years), is an additional asset, highlighting the generally positive climate.

Finally, it should be noted that large parts of Ethiopian territory have yet to be discovered and there are great indications that the underground is overflowing with natural resources (ore or even hydrocarbons).

The assessment above of Ethiopia’s strengths and weaknesses is an essential introduction for the analysis of Qatar’s opportunity to establish a solid partnership.

The ninth largest country in the continent, covering over 1 million square kilometres, it is the only state in the region without an open seafront.

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