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She has been embroiled in scandals in which she used taxpayer dollars to fly her family from St. She came to national prominence as a special advisor for Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

She wouldn’t have made this list if she had stayed a Republican, but she turned to the Democrat party, as she felt that strong governmental intervention into the marketplace is what is healthiest for a free market.

They take no strong stands, spearhead no new policies, expand no boundaries of political debate. Just like their personal lives, their political lives are constructed around safe decisions cloaked as brave ones because they are terrified of losing social approval.

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No amount of government intervention can convince a woman to want to change.

Furthermore, men and women are different biologically.

The remaining scandals all dealt with other types of sexual indiscretion.

Democratic officials, on the other hand, were twice as likely to bring their bad behavior into the workplace – 53 percent of Democratic scandals involved some sort of workplace harassment or dalliance, compared to 27 percent among Republicans.

They seem to think ending sexism rests in governmental intervention and deconstruction of “gender.” Democratic approaches ignore the real issue — that women still think of themselves as inferior to men.

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