David henrie not dating selena gomez

by  |  18-Dec-2016 04:45

After Selena and David Henrie, 25, went on a dinner date on Nov.

15, people began obsessing over the adorable video Selena posted of her and David singing along to Carrie Underwood‘s “There’s Something In the Water.” It looks like there might be something in the water for Selena and David, too, because people on Twitter are nearly begging these two to date!

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co-stars have always been incredibly close friends and we're beginning to think that they would make the perfect couple.

After all, Selena needs someone who can help her forget about all her drama with Justin Bieber, and we think David's the guy for the job.

At this point, nobody even cares about these two anymore, but unfortunately, they still care about each other.

Also unfortunately for Selena Gomez, her obsession with Justin Bieber is not only taking a toll on her own inter-personal relationships, but it’s also starting to affect her public image.

Click through to see 10 reasons we think they'd be perfect together, then let us know in the comments below if you think they'd be cute. @davidhenrie and I have spent many years driving and doing our sing alongs but we have to agree that we are pumped and proud of Carrie for releasing such a powerful song.

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