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When you meet someone, or are considering meeting, you may want to mention that you don't climb mountains or run marathons. Time to take responsibility for life as opposed to being a "victim" of allopathic medical diagnoses and the pharmaceutical companies.

Most people I know seek out Chinese, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic treatments.

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I hope whatever treatment your doctor uses works for you. I was scared to take the medicine so I found that if I took a bit of thiamin hydrochloride(water soluble b1) before each meal about 80% of my pain went away.

I was able to continue with life although still in pain.

There is an old saying "make your diet and food your first medicine".

In other words, do your homework and change your diet first before taking any presciptions.

Or should I just remove my profile and give up the idea of meeting someone?

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