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Dating events are a huge growth area and lots of sites from My Single Friend and Get now organise anything from speed dating and pub quizzes to champagne tasting and cookery classes.

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Remember too that even free apps and websites are making money out of you somehow.

By signing up you are giving them access to your profile and personal information (name, age, location, sexual preference etc) which they sell to third parties and vendors.

There are people out there who will gladly take your money to write your dating profile for you; but honestly, if you are too busy to spend 10 minutes writing a profile then you are too busy to date. Photos are a major stumbling block, and you see the same mistakes over and over again online. Again, it sounds silly, but your pictures should look like you, not taken from a freak flattering angle and not taken 10 years ago.

CHOOSING PICTURES: After your profile is written, choosing 4-5 pictures of yourself should be the easy part. Writer Daisy Buchanan has a rule in her book Meeting Your Match that states if you don't own the jeans you are wearing in the picture anymore then it's too old.

Statistics show that online dating is the third most common way for people to meet a partner (after 'through friends' and 'in a pub') and soon, industry insiders predict, half of all relationships will start online.

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